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I find the pricing pretty much on the high end, why is this?

At WODCRUSHERS, we're all about delivering top-notch quality to dedicated fitness enthusiasts like you. Our exclusive items are available only in our online store, making each purchase a unique experience. Handcrafted with precision, your order is printed, cut, and sewn on demand – ensuring a personalized touch.

We go the extra mile to bring you premium quality, and that commitment is reflected in our pricing. While our products may come with a higher price tag, it's an investment in durability and vibrancy that outshines the rest. Expect products that not only meet but exceed the standards, lasting longer and performing better than anything you'll find elsewhere.

Our dedication extends to using the finest materials. We don't compromise on quality – our fabrics and printing techniques are personally vetted to ensure they meet the high standards of fitness enthusiasts like yourself.

Yes, our prices might be a bit higher, but what you get in return is unparalleled quality that matches your dedication to fitness. Choose WODCRUSHERS for gear that not only keeps up with your workouts but enhances your performance every step of the way.