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About Us

Welcome to WODCRUSHERS, where passion meets performance and fitness becomes a way of life. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to crush their workouts and achieve their fitness goals, no matter their level of experience. Join our community of like-minded enthusiasts who are dedicated to pushing their limits and unlocking their full potential.

Who are we?

Meet Kathi and Sinuhé, the driving force behind WODCRUSHERS. As a married couple with three kids, we understand the challenges of balancing it all while pursuing our fitness passions. Kathi, a chemical laboratory assistant and a certified Personal Trainer, discovered Crossfit in 2013. Sinuhé, a computer systems engineer and Crossfit Kids certified Coach, found Crossfit back in 2011. Both of us hold a CrossFit level 1 and together, we became a dynamic duo dedicated to supporting each other and inspiring others.

At WODCRUSHERS, we believe that fitness is for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances. Join our community, where we break stereotypes, embrace imperfections, and have fun while working towards our goals. Together, we'll redefine what it means to be a fitness enthusiast and prove that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Why a rhino?

Our logo, the rhino, symbolizes the strength, determination, and resilience we embody. Just like this magnificent creature, we charge forward, break barriers, and conquer challenges. When you wear the WODCRUSHERS logo, you carry a symbol of power and tenacity that fuels your every move, reminding you that you have the strength within to crush any workout.

Explore our thoughtfully crafted apparel and accessories that elevate your training experience. Built with care, our gear is designed to withstand tough workouts while keeping you stylish. We don't promise our apparel will make you stronger or fitter - that's the result of your hard work. But we can assure you comfort, confidence, and a great look every time. Join our community and start crushing your workouts with us.

Join our community today! Visit our website, discover our high-quality gear, and embrace the WODCRUSHERS mindset. Let's crush those workouts together and become the strongest version of yourself.

Are you ready to crush your workouts?